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Shuklaphanta Wildlife Reserve Tour

Shuklaphanta Wildlife Reserve of Nepal’s best-known and most accessible Wildlife Reserve having large Swamp Deer Herds of Asia, Shukla Phanta Wildlife Reserve the grassland after which the park is named, is often rewarded with a seemingly endless chain of brown bodies that is largest number of Swamp Deer herd in the world, numbering about 2,170 individuals.

The reserve also has tigers, rhinos, and elephants. Shukla Phanta was once the site of Tharu villages. Sections of the wall of an ancient Tharu king’s palace can still be seen in places. Near this archaeological site is the even more ancient looking Rani Tal. This lake is the 305 sq. km. of the reserved compressed into a few sq meters.

Birds feet and cavort here, deer wade through its plant-choked waters and, if you are lucky (and the deer unlucky), a tiger will be sneaking up behind the deer. Another elusive, though diminutive, member of Shukla Phanta is the hispid hare, a pygmy hare species that is often mistaken by people for a baby hare.