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Ethinic Rana Tharu Cultural Village Tour

The Rana Tharu live in the southwestern corner of Nepal. Ethnically, their background is Rajput from India. Legend has it that after the Mughals invaded India in the 16th century, a Mughals king wanted to marry one of their women. The women and children fled east and settled in this forested region while their men stayed behind to fight the Mughals.

When the women heard that all their men had been killed, they married the slaves who had attended them on their travels, and settled permanently in their new home. The swamps kept outsiders away, and the Rana Tharu developed resistance to malaria. Over the next four centuries, their own unique culture and language emerged. On the Tharu Village Tours one has the opportunity to experience Nepalese rural life, enjoying wonderful flat land landscapes.

There is a range of activities that are both informative and enjoyable! Exploring the surrounding villages on foot or by bullock cart is one of the best ways to experience rural life in Nepal and absorb the simplicity of a farming community. You can enjoy the rhythms of the madal (musical instrument), watch the unique ethnic dances or even join the dancers.